Lately, my phone’s been clicking.  I called AT&T and they can’t seem to determine what the problem is.  The tech guy on the line says he couldn’t hear it.  He told me it was ‘faulty hardware.’  My guess is my phone has been tapped.  I said some mean things about a certain captain of industry whose name rhymes with Treglazov.  Wouldn’t be surprised if he started listening to my conversations with my editor.  But, why bother?  I’m on the world wide web now.  Whatever I gotta say, you can read it right here.  And there’s nothing you can do about it.  Not like you can shut down the whole web.  In the meantime, I’m not sure what I should do about my phone.  I mean, I can’t just go without one, can I?  I’m not prepared to live in a cave like some animal just yet.  Maybe I’ll buy a sound-bandwidth sensor.  This would determine if the clicking is in my phone or all in my head.  I’m thinking I might also get one of these cellular phones.  Seems like everyone’s got one now.  I’m sure someday those will be compromised too.

Listen, I’m gonna be offline for a few weeks this November.  On my way up to Seattle for an anti-globalization protest.  Then, I’m headed down to South America to investigate a chemical plant that Treglazov bought a controlling stake in recently.  I’ll drop in to an internet café here and there and keep you guys updated on my adventures.