Next year is the 25th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam war, and I was reading a newspaper article on the forgotten underground war fought in South Vietnam:

“The Cu Chi tunnels were a vast network of hand-built tunnels in the infamous Iron Triangle in South Vietnam. Carved out of the soft red Laterite clay in Vietnam, which is easy to dig, but dries as hard as rock when exposed the air, the South Viet Cong army waged war on US and Australian army troops. The tunnel systems were intricate and complex with sleeping quarters, weapons caches, kitchens, and even hospitals. US Army “Tunnel Rats” volunteered to climb into the tunnels to fight the South Viet Cong. Tunnel Rats were smaller-sized men who could fit inside the tight tunnels, oddly angled when dug to provide the best defense positions for the South Viet Cong…”

Those SVC were brilliant creating a network of secret tunnels right under the American army. My god how I admire their cunning and ingenuity. How clever and bold to wage war on a more heavily arm, and powerful advisory from spider’s web of secret hiding places, from which they could gain access to any military position or village they wished. They would resupply and communicate with each other using tunnels. The SVC would suddenly appear, do damage, and vanish! And those Tunnel Rats. What balls! Armed with only a .45 caliber pistol, a knife, and a flashlight, they’d crawl down into hell, to not only fight brave SVCs lying in wait for them, but have to contend with rats, poisonous snakes, and death traps. Do we make men like that nowadays? I sure hope so. We need them.