The Unabomber has a name. It’s Ted Kaczynski. They caught the sonofabitch at his cabin in Lincoln, Montana yesterday. Never trust anyone who writes a Manifesto. That’s free advice. The Unabomber is a psychopath who made bombs. Now that he’s been apprehended, the question is: Who made the Unabomber? I’ve heard some things and I have some ideas of my own. While studying at Harvard, Mr.Kaczynski participated in a stress study conducted by the psychologist Dr. Henry Murray.

Murray had his subjects, including Kaczynski, write personal essays about their future hopes and aspirations. He then placed them in a small room facing a mirror. The subjects were then tore a new one by an unidentified man who mocked their aspirations as being worthless. This process was filmed so that the video could be played back to the subjects many times over. Essentially, they were forced to witness their own reactions to damaging negative stimuli.

A hundred years ago, scientists believed that maggots grew spontaneously from a rotting carcass, or a pile of shit. Now we know they’re just baby flies, spawned in the filth by bigger flies. When a guy like Mr. Ted Kaczynski becomes a pesky distraction, we reach for the fly swatter. We always look to where a pest lands but maybe if we spent more time studying where they came from, we’d have fewer flies around us. But in order to do that, we’d have to stop the shit altogether.