Clocking Out


“Are you fed up with your boss? My friend Debbie a single mother, made $9700 dollars this month, working from home. She said it’s the easiest decision she ever made in her life. Find out how, Debbie did it and you two can earn good money working from home!”

I’m fed up with my boss alright. He’s lazy, incompetent, and corrupt. He shows up late, hungover into Wednesday, pushes his work onto my plate, and I’m pretty sure he’s draining the company coffers to subsidize his extracurricular activities. I should mention I’m self-employed.

Debbie seems to have it all figured out though. She’s making good cheddar doing what she loves, whatever the Hell that is. I’m too terrified to click the link to find out. I know it’s spam. I know it’s a scam. I wasn’t reborn yesterday. But I’m tempted by the promise of Debbie’s greener pastures. If Jesus ever came back and announced himself as the messiah, people would throw him in the nuthouse. Maybe Debbie (and Debbie’s friend) are legit. And I’m just too cynical to click the link and give their story a chance.

So here’s my new thing, every spam link, every junk email, every phishing scam out there, I’m gonna click. Sure, 99% of them are going to end in sour disappointment, but there might be an outside chance that 1 of them leads me to financial freedom. Of course, such a grand experiment is going to kill the shit out of my computer so I’ll need a dummy machine. I’ll probably use my boss’s PC. He doesn’t seem to do much but play minesweeper on it anyways. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: 03/24/2000

Well it’s official, my computer now holds more viruses than the CDC. This was a really bad idea. And I never did find that 4-leaf clover. But I met some interesting people along the way, including a Spanish prisoner, Nigerian royalty, and someone claiming to be my twin brother.